The So Far, So Good Mixtape

by Temporal Walker

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The option to pay above zero is enabled, however DO NOT FEEL YOU NEED TO. IN FACT, I DISCOURAGE IT. It's just to keep those few people from bugging me about it.

With that being said, hi guys! Temporal Walker here, and I'm so happy to be able to bring you The So Far, So Good Mixtape!

Come June 2012, I will have been a brony for an entire year. I can honestly say that it has been one of the very best years of my life, not only as a musician, but as a person. I have been surrounded by some of the very best people, been helped by almost everyone, and I have even inspired a few people to take up music themselves. The experiences I've had in this community I wouldn't trade for anything else in the world, and I'd like to thank each and every one of you
who downloaded this. This mixtape is for you. Thank you to every single person who worked on the show, and I cannot WAIT for Season 3. It has taught me valuable lessons that I either forgot,
or needed to be reminded of, as well as several lessons that made me think about my own life and times. The show has made me a better person, a better musician, and it's made me all around
happier. Thank you Lauren Faust, and everyone else.

I'd like to thank:

iBringDaLULZ for first inspiring me to start rapping, and all the help he provided along the way. As well as being an amazing friend and awesome person. One day, Lulz, I will hug you IRL. Tightly.

Every single person in Lulz' stream, for just being amazing people. Albeit weird at times. (SHEEEEEP)

Greeneflower, PhantomBadger, ChubbyBunny56, TomA62975 (who also drew the album art! Thanks bro!), and anyone else who has ever drawn something for me, whether I asked for it or not. Thank you all.

TheDumplingz (AKA Pipsqueak, AKA Dubstep Dan, AKA Daniel Rustage) for being an awesome friend. I will fucking murder you if you keep spamming Soldier. With Heavy. Because irony. (He hates Heavy)

Sickness for being a sexy beast and an even sexier rapper.

HNHagen for being not as sexy as Sickness. I can only handle so much, you know.

Dickwolf for being an amazing friend. Mother fucker, you and I still have to collab. Find someone with a good mic, god damn it. <3

And in no particular order, the musicians who I have been spamming in my car for the past year. Thank you all for the awesome tunes: AcousticBrony, Alex S, Aviators, Baasik, BlackGryphon, Bronyfied,
Cyril the Wolf, d.notive, Daniel Ingram (hurr durr), DJ MHM, DJ Pon-3, Donn Devore, Eurobeat Brony, F3nning, General Mumble, Glaze, H8_Seed, Lulzy, Lenich, The Living Tombstone, Makkon, MandoPony,
Mic The Microphone, Not A Clever Pony, Omnipony, PinkieGuy, PinkiePieSwear, Ponyphonic, Prisonfishy, Replacer, Sherclop Pones, SoGreatAndPowerful, Stormwolf, Swagberg, Tarby, Tsyolin, William Anderson, Yourenigma, zahqo, Interrobang Pie, ThatSonOfAMitch, Metajoker, LeafRunner, and many many more.

Thank you thank you thank you!
Enjoy the mixtape!


released May 18, 2012

The So Far, So Good Mixtape production credits:

All mixing, rapping, and lyrics by Temporal Walker unless otherwise noted.

1) Beat by Duke Westlake for the Duke Westlake Cypher

2) Original by H8_Seed, including his vocals and lyrics. Mixed by iBringDaLULZ

3) Beat by TheDumplingz, chorus is also his

4) Original by PinkiePieSwear, Remixed by NotACleverPony, Remixed once again by Temporal Walker,
Second verse rapping and lyrics by Sickness.

5) Original by Rage Against The Machine, vocals mixed by iBringDaLULZ

6) Original by Wiz Khalifa (seriously, fuck that guy)

7) Beat, verse lyrics, and chorus lyrics by Aviators

8) Beat by The Living Tombstone, samples used from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (c) Hasbro

9) Original by PinkiePieSwear, Remixed by NotACleverPony, Remixed once again by Temporal Walker

10) Second verse rapping and lyrics by Sickness.



all rights reserved


Temporal Walker New Jersey

I make music.

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Track Name: Manifesto (Duke Westlake Cypher)
Let it be known that I am a unicorn
Under my hat, I've got a bag of tricks
That not even Trixie would scorn

Fancy Pants, with the lovely Fleur de Lis
All of the ponies in Canterlot be
flockin' to the party
to get a load of this

Speakin' of flocks, I'm a friend to Cloudsdale
Mixin' up a special brew of rainbows
In a factory filled with those who fail

Sortof like ChristWire, spreadin' all that shit and hate
If Jesus were to see this Bible belt all in pieces
He'd for sure give us the green light to love and tolerate

But enough of the right-side peanut gallery
Filled only with those who dare to oppose
Us havin' fun on a lesser salary

But even though I'm halfway broke, you better believe that I'm willin'
To buy myself a Pinkie Pie plushie, grabbin' my insulin

However, to that guy who stuck a Fleshlight where it really shouldn't go
Go fuck yourself with a Big Mac sized dildo
Fluttershy doesn't deserve or need your bullshit
Plushie or not, from that no one should or would acquit
Ya little bitch

(to little descending thingy)
Cause while I may be reppin' all these ponies from Equestria
It must be known from EQD to all the sub /b/-strata
That ponies are gonna be herein to stay in with all of us guys for a while
So to all of the haters who trollin' and 'batin', none of us be hearin' your guile

Brushin' a brushable has never been so manly
Especially when I'm in Target pullin' a shopping spree!
Draggin' it through like a rake in a zen garden
Actin' a pony buddhist every now and again

That's right. Like Pipsqueak, I wanna be a tree
Just seems like it would be so Everfree
Roots in the ground, hell don't gotta think twice
As Fluttershy would say, it just sounds so "Nice."

So as I'm chillin' with my Pinkie Pie t-shirt swag
All y'all know I got this rappin' shit in the bag
Blue And Orange got all of them landlubbers mad
Ya better believe that this classy gentlecolt just ain't a fad

But there's no decency
I'm takin' a hater n' hittin' him into the Mediterranean Sea
And if you be doubtin' then let me encourage and guarantee
That anyone tryin' to step up to me will be finding himself with a master's degree
In getting schooled by a rapper twice his pedigree
And I'm sorry if you think that you may disagree
Because my word'll be the last in this tiny little repartee
Track Name: Shoot The Messenger (Original by H8_Seed)
You pride yourself on being rather shrewd

And yet you never show me gratitude

I'm sick and tired of playing your dumb game

I'm hurt and you're the one to blame

What's up, you dumb fucking bitch of a mare

You think you've always shown me all this tender love and care?

All these years I've been your little fuckin' whipping boy

Always treated me like I was a mother fuckin' toy

Got your nose buried in a book, status quo

Only break I get, when you're not hurtin' a bro

Pullin' me off the bookshelves, that wasn't fuckin' smart

Somethin's real damn wrong if my best friend is Nurse Redheart

You pride yourself on being rather shrewd

More like rude!

And yet you never show me gratitude

How about a thank you?

I'm sick and tired of playing your dumb game

So fuckin’ lame

I'm hurt and you're the one to blame

You’re the one to blame!

I just wanna will it away

Get away, get away!

But even now, you taunt me still

So much pain, and only one mare to blame

You pretend to think it's okay

Not okay, not okay!

That I'm the one that holds your quill

I help you all my life, and I never get repaid

But when you hurtin me, your eyes are hard like jade

Unappreciated, I'm thinkin' of places to be

Little bitch Owlowiscious got nothin' on me

First chance you get, what, I'm getting replaced?

I wanna get the hell outta here, and make great haste

Don't like it bitch, you shoulda thought about it quicker

All the love I ever had for you? Gone in a flicker

I hope when you think about the things you say

I'm gonna go away!

That you know you need me; I don't need you

Nevermore, not anymore

And you knew not to shoot your messenger

Ya never were a listener

(Well, if you didn't, then now you do)

I just wanna will it away

Get away, get away!

But even now, you taunt me still

So much pain, and only one mare to blame

You pretend to think it's okay

Not okay, not okay!

That I'm the one that holds your quill

I'm wishin' and I'm willin' and I'm gettin' away!

Killin' the friendship, I'mma find my own way

I'm on my own now, cut the fuckin' cord now

I don't need you anymore, so I'll see ya bitch, ciao!

Gotta be leavin' today, and I'mma never lookin' back

Settin' fire to the past, I'm gonna be leadin' my own pack

Stealin' away in the night, I'm leavin' nothing to find

Fillin' the hole in my heart, gonna be with my own kind

I'm the king, I'm the boss of my own life now

At my knees, all of the crowds are gonna bow

Without you, I got the entire world ahead of me

This baby dragon's gonna be the best he can be
Track Name: I Wish I Was A Tree (TheDumplingz Cover)
Hello all my friends, Temporal Walker here
Fellows and mentlegen, a forest of friends
Bellow like an ent, walking trees but never fear
Mellow boughs that bend, buckin' all the trends

Leaves blowin in the wind, swayin' in the breeze
Trees like these all be the bee's knees
Seeds growin' as I live, prayin' for my needs
Weeds all see that I'mma lead the deed

To be ancient and live a day at a time
Grow leaves everyday, give no hay nor a sign
No need to vent or sieve my anger or vice
Life in the tree way, shit, it sounds so nice

My acorns are my thoughts, plant roots and take aim
Once born toward the sky, reach for greater acclaim
Some stillborn, but some grow stronger every day
Never mourn, there's still so many wilds to tame

Yeah, if I were a tree, it would be so Everfree
But if I were a tree, what tree would I be?
Maple, pine, oak, or maybe a sassafrass?
It'd be stable, fine, and evoke an aire of class.

I know some of you out there are kindof stumped
As to why I would wanna trade my body for a trunk
I'm not trying to be sappy or a pain
My ideas go a little bit against the grain

I'm simply trying to branch out my horizons
And get myself a little more wizened
To plant my roots in the earth a little deeper
And prune myself to be a little bit cleaner

Haters just cedar, you're barking up the wrong tree
Leaf it to me, I'm gonna be the best tree I can be
Pipsqueak, Tom, Chalupa, unbeleafable
Gonna make this track more poplar, that's achievable
Track Name: Sunshine And Celery Swag (feat. Sickness)
Back on the track with Swear at my back
I'm buckin' rhymes so hard that I'm feelin' like Applejack
Never break a Pinkie Promise, I don't wanna get whacked
Derpy doin' the derail, that ep's Apple-jacked

Dragon greed, grabbin' up that pretty steed
Rarity be screamin' like it's Spiderses
Never sleep, go to bread n' Luna's bringin' the OCs
Try to plead, she's goin' fast, you're gonna have to flee

Got my robe and hat, call me Mare do well
Swoopin' from the skies merc'n Ne'er do wells
Ponies are fuckin' epic, haters fair thee well
H8'n the cockatrice are gonna stare you well

Not A Clever Pony, not to sound sappy
Where ever that you are bro, I'm hopin' that you're happy
This one's for you, so it's not gonna be crappy
if you find it so
feel free to slap me

Didn't have a clue, was a noob, till a dude
Sent a youtube vid of a show he was glued to
Ponies in the nude didn't seem rude
So the hits flew through the roof, now I'm glued too

Plowing over blues like a true Komatsu
Through used tissues, grinding over rocks too
If you think that I forgot my roots, that's not true
I'ma brony, still a true otaku

If you need a drow you can get in a fight with
Not very dunmer, white, I'm a light myth
Choke-hold flow, shotgun I can snipe with
Spread-shot headshot, point-blank, sightless

Haters mad, but this fandom's
Diverse and unique, not set in tandem
More than a fad, as bad as I'm handsome
Spittin so hard, btards like 'Damn son!"

Ponies, I'm not gonna lie when I'm with my crew
Those be the drive to improve and be true
Though I'mma strive to move n' groove to be smooth
Bronies gonna try to prove that the new can be cool

Comin' clean, two words, glee pried from caffeine
Ravenous, vicious, hungry and mean
Try to see through blur free eyes that gleam
That would mean that I'mma be livin' the dream

I ain't got a need for no Optimus
Neither him or nor a damn Patronus
No chiefin' that gluteus maximus
For when I got myself a pony for an animus

A letter from Derpy for those who don't git it
Never a better time for a brony to get wid it
Fetters are the weights of hate, you gotta quit it
Feathers to the sky, never too late, and so I spit it
Track Name: Foals On Parade (feat. freakycrawler and Connor Rothstein)
I'm da fuckin' prince

I be comin' up at royal court
Destined from the start
Born with the Blueblood, so I'mma play the part
Of the Prince
Sure they talkin' bout my
Pure white coat, alabaster,
I'm the double B rhyming bastard

Course I use abuse the royal treasury
For my own needs, my gains, I can't abstain
Takin' all dem ponies' money, and I'm laughin' cause it's funny
You gonna try and stop me, Celestia my honey?

They rally round my beauty
All them bitches and them mares
They rally round my manly
Stallion good lookin's
They rally round my horny
You know you like it too
They rally round my family
Cause they know I'm the same room

Foals try to step to me? Hah! Don't step to double B
I'm bitin' on the bit to see who it's gonna be
Sorry Lil' Miss, I know you're generous and share
But my hips don't touch common carnival faire
Rarity, can't you see I don't buckin' care?
Go and take your fatass plot elsewhere, my little mare
Cockblocked? Nah, but you can cake-block me
Now begone, go get dirty with your lesbian team
Track Name: Blue And Orange
I hear you like some shippin?
I got a song about it!
I know my place, bronies
We got some fillyfoolin'

First verse:
Sometime in August I was readin' all these fanfics
When I came across one with a tag labeled somethin' different
I dunno! Let's take it for a spin
Everything else I've read so far has been for the win
Rainbow Dash and Applejack, buckin' apples in the orchard
When all of a sudden, Dashie's gotta spill her heart, her voice all tortured
Turns out Applejack's feelin the same way
Off they go to the barn to take a tumble in the hay
Censored (Thanks Sethisto) amounts of pony love later
They're sayin' that they're gonna love each other forever
As I'm readin' I'm feelin' this fuzzy happiness
Oh god, I think I like this shipping business

Chorus 2:
Yeah, so many fanfics!
Don't get me wrong though, I ain't no clopper
Yeah, just a shippin' fan here
Uh huh, let me explain…

Second verse:
No clopfics here bro, I read on EQD
Don't need any of that cloppy smut, you see
That's ain't the kind of brony that I wanna be
I like my AJD a hundred percent PG13
That other shit is just obscene
Gotta go to eyebleach to get my eyes cleaned
Fillyfoolin' round the clock, Applejack and Rainbow Dash
Best pony pair, no one else can beat that lesbian bash
Lyra and Bonbon can try as they might
But nopony could ever take away that apple-rainbow light

Chorus 3:
Yeah, best pony pair, people
Enough for a song, no doubt
GOD, why am I writing this?
Oh well! Let's break it down

Third verse:
I don't need no cheeba to smoke this fuckin' rap
Sorry Wiz Khalifa, you're just a loser full of crap
Original song, he's rappin' bout what, fuckin bees?
Man, I'mma redo it proper, yeah, rappin' bout these ponies
Readin' all these fanfics about the duo
Best pair ever of the pony crew - OH!
She feels the same, Rainbow, ya betta go and get ha
Even Derpy couldn't ship anypony any better

Fast rap:
Song's almost over, gonna rap real fast
Bout a certain pony pair, named Appledash
Girls got me goin' giggidy every story you're together
And every time you're not, I'm under the weather

Lovin' lovely lovings from outta the dark
But add in some clop and I'm all like "What a story, Mark." ಠ_ಠ
Sittin' with the appletrees, heads held to the breeze
AJ comes close and gives Dash a peck on the cheek

She turns her head, and their eyes meet
Time and space melt away from the passionate heat
Rainbow speaks up, AJ do you love me?
She nods, Yer the best mare I ever did see

I'm just sittin' there reading with my head in awe
I can't help it, I breath in and I go DAWWWWWWWWW
Track Name: Never Back Down (Aviators Cover)
Don't look back
It's too late
To turn back now
Push through
Daring do
You're gonna make it out
This time
You won't let the danger
overcome you

You know that everypony in this world still needs you
Daring Do don't back down or let evil defeat you

Don't turn around
When everything falls apart
Just don't back down
Keep running just look ahead
You might be losing but you're not dead
Hold on
Hold fast
Keep going
And never back down

Tied down
Look around
Danger everywhere
No one
In sight
The smell of adventure in the air
When it seems
Like your world
Has turned around
No one
Can stop you
So never back down

Obstacles are in front of and behind you
But this fear deep inside, you know it blinds you
Take a leap and we will catch you as you fall
You know with your courage you can overcome it all

Life can seem like it's a little bit rough,
But the tough ponies never ever give up
Enough, you're never gonna show your tears
Gonna stand up tall and stare down your fears
Lookin' death in the face, give him a little sneer
Laugh it off if you think the end might be near
Clingin' to life, you're too stubborn to die
In danger and in death you find that you thrive
Stay hungry stay vicious and you're stayin' alive
Never lose focus, and you'll never lose your drive
Brushin' off your coat and wipin' the sweat from your eyes
Spreadin' both of your wings and take to the sky
No time left, (hah) faster you fly
You gotta be movin' quick to beat the bad guy
You're Darin' to do the undoable
Runnin' all your risk to break the unbreakable
Never gonna be afraid to think the unthinkable
Fightin' the power to achieve the unbelievable
Put your hoof down when your back is to the wall
So trust me girl, just stand up tall and
Track Name: What A Twist! (with The Living Tombstone)
Twist here, knockin’ out your haters like I’m suckin’ on candy canes
Candy ass, gonna leave you all in pain
Diamond Tiara and Silver can spoon my fuckin’ flank
Applebloom at my back, better believe we’re pullin’ rank

Cheerilee knows I'm at the top of the class
Better be knowin’ that I got them brains out the ass
My glasses gonna be better than yours
And my hair is gonna have your plot on all fours

Don’t be hatin’ cause my rhymes thuper thpecial
Take your whack-ass flow and Twist it into a fuckin' pretzel
You say my mark is useless? Check out Snips and Snails
Ass to ass with marks that can only be full of fail

You really gonna hate me because of my fuckin' lisp?
I'll tie you to a peppermint stick and burn you into a crisp!
Trust me, just lookitme there will be no fucking guile
I'll light you up and send you off with a fuckin' smile

You thinkin' I'm cruel? I think I'm Thuper Duper!
Don't like me? You just shove it up your fuckin' pooper!

I'm never gonna change, I'm not under your spell
I'm my own pony that your words will never fell
You better step the hell off, you know you shouldn't dwell
Or else I'll take you out with a candy cane
*sample: "I made them myself"*

I don't care at all about your popularity contest
True friends are more important, like mine, the best
Your single shallow little friend, I'm very not impressed
I've got my amazing friends, bitch, I'm the one blessed

So you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth
A crown on your head, and a smirk on your snout
Bitch, I got my entire happy life planned out
Where are you goin? Tell me, what's your route?

If I had a guess, as to how your life would fair
Something tells me it would be a real sad affair
With your attitude and your narcissistic flair
You'll be turning tricks behind a sweets shop somewhere

While I may be a happy little filly
You know I ain't afraid to take down a frilly
Bully or two who be tryin' to step to this nerd
Even if be I slurrin' every third word

But hey, don't fret I ain't done with you yet
I'll beat your ass with a rap without breakin' a bead of a sweat
Cause I'm tired of your mocking and your jeerin' and your threats
Get away now or this'll be a pain duet

Yo, What a Twist, this time I'm fighting back!
It's like something out of an M. Night Stallion track
Now before I finish my attack n' have a peppermint snack
I'm gonna leave you on your flank with one last smack

My thuper special talent leaves me sweet as can be
While yours just leaves you shrieking like a banshee
I think we're done here, you can take those sweets for free
Now get out of my sight, before I go on a rappin' spree